The Eustress project aims to investigate and develop an information system (SI) that monitors and evaluates, in a continuous and real time, the stress levels of the individual, also predicting chronic stress.

The project is based on three key ideas:

  • Key Idea 1: Determine stress profile types iwc replica watches (by baseline stress patterns and stress and reactivity patterns) to classify individuals, making the SI adaptable to any individual;
  • Key Idea 2: Establish correlations between biological data (eg hormonal measurements) and neuropsychological information (eg responses to self-perceived stress questionnaires), biometric data (eg obtained through wearable devices) and behavioral, through software that analyzes the dynamics of keyboard / mouse usage);
  • Key idea 3: Interpret the individual's stress reactivity patterns and predict stress states, based on the concept of Alostasia, Allostatic Load, Resilience (and elastic band analogy), cumulative effects of stress and chronic stress .