The realization of this project implies the mobilization of a team with specific and complementary competences, which guarantee the accomplishment of the activities defined of an efficient and effective way.

The innovation introduced in this project involving the areas of Computer Engineering and Computing, Medicine and Psychology requires, for its realization, human resources with specific training in each of the areas but with demonstrated experience in other areas.

Optimizer, the lead project promoter and the Life Sciences and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS) have built a Consortium with human resources which, because of their scientific expertise and experience gained from previous projects, can conduct this project adequately to achieve the proposed objectives .
The competencies of the constituents of the consortium complement each other but are, of course, different. Thus, the main contribution in the specific areas of each of them is highlighted:

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica LITEC (Optimizer)
Research, development and implementation of all necessary application architecture for the project, from the development of the necessary computer tools for the collection and processing of data to the construction of the prototype for validation of results, through the development of Artificial intelligence, namely the models of "Machine Learning".
ICVS ( Minho University)
Research and understanding of the factors that lead to stress, validation of technological developments carried out in the context of stress as a health problem ..
Algoritmi ( Minho University)
Research and development of sensors and technological mechanisms to collect and process data related to user movements in operation with certain devices (notably pointers, mice, etc.)
Given the high complexity and pioneering nature of the project, the various partners will move some of their most experienced resources so that the success of the project presented is a certainty and that the development of the solution also generates a movement of learning and collaboration among all.