The creation of a stress-assessment tool based on biometric data, with a real-time response, to be used by individuals who perform functions more susceptible to the accumulation of stress

The development of a computer platform that continually monitors and assesses individual stress levels without the need for interaction with the individual is the main objective of this project. Raising the level of confidence in determining stress levels and alerting in advance to eminent risk situations, enabling timely intervention will be expected results of continuous assessment.

Concept and Proposed Solution

Creation of an instrument for assessing stress levels in high-risk occupations and issuing warnings in case of pathological stress levels.
Definition of the baseline level and behavioral pattern of each individual to perform the individual-centered monitoring.


Monitor and evaluate stress levels of individuals with high-risk occupations with prediction about future levels and alertness in case of prediction of pathological stress or burnout​

Biometric and behavioral data will be used on which computational learning techniques will be used to classify each individual and a set of statistical models that realize the prediction of pathological stress and burnout.
The indicators of stress levels and the data on the forecast will enable an early intervention on the individual mitigating the problem generating greater productivity with impact on the economy and public health.